Reblog/Linkback Project: Back with the cats at the Pia Bella hotel

This is the 8th of a 51 series of posts on my reblog or linkback project. Today, it’s all about cats (yes, again! :)) But don’t worry dog lovers, I don’t discriminate. I love dogs, too. And so do Animalcouriers.

Animalcouriers is a “pet transport and animal shipping services” that works with pet owners in Europe, UK, and other places around the world. They do all kinds of transports, and they blog about their whereabouts, so that owners can see how their pets are doing along the way.

Because of Animalcouriers, I also found the perfect hotel I want to stay in when I visit Cyprus one of these days. While a beautiful hotel is important and put you in the right mood to relax,  a hotel that have great customer service and some heart counts just as much. Just look at Ginger Tom and tell me your heart did not melt a just a little bit? Cats are a part of daily life here and they sure do look like they enjoy it.

If you like this post, please go directly to Animalcouriers’ site and give it some hugs & kisses or just purr or bark. Whatever you like. I am not judging… 😉

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