Old Town Mexican Café: Yummy Handmade Tortilla

After our tour inside The Whaley House where we learned about the history of the Whaley family and all of their family tragedies (no wonder it’s haunted), we moved on to something a little happier. Dinner!

By now, we were both really hungry. We decided to go directly across the street to Old Town Mexican Café where they are famous for handmade tortilla. The rotisserie chickens at the window and the handmade tortilla just lures you right in…

After about twenty minutes’ wait at the front and chatting with other patrons, we were led inside to a small table away from the mariachi band. Our table was perfect. Nice music (from a distance), chips and salsa, and some margaritas to enjoy.

We both got the rotisserie chicken special because it looked so good in the window. It came with rice and beans and several handmade tortillas (we ordered corn tortilla).

The rotisserie chicken is what you would expect, but the corn tortilla…one of the best we have ever had. (Sigh)

Old Town Mexican Cafe | 2489 San Diego Ave | San Diego, CA
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