Reblog/Linkback Project: Map of Time A Trip Into the Past

This is the 7th of 51 series of posts on my reblog or linkback project. Today, it’s all about nautical history for me. It’s that kind of day. So, I am linking directly to Map of Time A Trip Into the Past by J.G. Burdette.

Obviously, one of my favorite post on this blog is the one about the Titanic, post named, Tragedy in the North Atlantic: The RMS Titanic. Have you read it yet? It’s awesome!

Aside from that post, I have also enjoyed reading other topics such as the Irish Potato Famine and something that’s closer to home, the San Francisco 1906 Earthquake. I feel that every time I read J.G. Burdette’s posts, I learn something new about the past.

If you like this post, please LIKE or leave your comments directly on Map of Time, so that J.G. Burdette knows you visited. Cheers!

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