Reblog/Linkback Project: Tips to Feed And Water Your Cat Well For Optimal Health

This is the 6th of 51 series of posts on my reblog or linkback project. Originally posted on April 20, 2012, the post titled, Tips To Feed And Water Your Cat Well For Optimal Health , is written and posted by Cat Protectress on

This post is really helpful to read because on the next opportunity to adopt another pet, I will be considering adopting a cat or dog, like Slash, whose got a lot of character.

Besides displaying great pictures of Slash, this post is really informative about what a cat needs. I have always worried about feeding my future cat or dog on some commercial pet foods that seem to contain dubious ingredients. It’s nice to know that there are other brands out there that have more natural ingredients. And I love the tips on how to feed the pets so that they do not become picky eaters.

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p.s. I also enjoy today’s post, “Cat Calling”, such a sweet story with cute pictures. 🙂

I drew this picture while I was on a conference call. Do you like it? 🙂

6 responses to “Reblog/Linkback Project: Tips to Feed And Water Your Cat Well For Optimal Health

  1. I dream of getting a pet and even though I can’t right now, this post is bookmarked for the future – thanks for another great choice my friend 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

    • Thank you for reading Choc Chip Uru. If you like the post, visit catpurrology for more. I totally understand about wanting to get a pet but can’t right now. I am in a similiar boat. I think all of you will know if I have a pet again. I will probably be posting about him/her all the time. Lol.

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