Just popping in to see The Del

The Del’s famous red-roofed turret

Before we visited San Diego, everyone told us that if we don’t stay on the Coronado Island, then we MUST pay a visit to the  beautiful Hotel Del Coronado (locals refer to it as The Del or Hotel Del.)

Cropped screenshot of Marilyn Monroe from the ...

Cropped screenshot of Marilyn Monroe from the trailer for the film Some Like It Hot (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They said, “Have you two seen the movie, “Some Like It Hot” ? Marilyn Monroe is in that movie, you know.”

Yes, we have seen it. I went through an Old Hollywood Glam phase where all I wanted to do was watch everything starring Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Laurence Olivier, etc. G kinda suffered through some of them, but hopefully he enjoyed most of them. 😉

Aside from Hollywood glamour, the hotel is famous because many U.S. Presidents and foreign dignitaries visited and/or have stayed at the hotel.

The Duchess of Windsor, President Richard Nixo...

The Duchess of Windsor, President Richard Nixon, and The Duke of Windsor. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And it was also rumored that Wallis Simpson (later, the Duchess of Windsor) met Prince Edward, Duke of Windsor (formerly King Edward VIII)

Photograph of the Duke of Windsor outside the ...

Photograph of the Duke of Windsor outside the White House on the date of the announcement of the Japanese surrender ending World War II. (cropped to head shot) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

back in April 1920’s when she was still married to her first husband, Earl Winfield Spencer, Jr., a U.S. Navy Aviator.

W. Spencer

W. Spencer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ernest Simpson, former husband of Wallis, the ...

Ernest Simpson, former husband of Wallis, the Duchess of Windsor in 1937 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Years later (1936), Edward VIII abdicated his throne because he wanted to marry Wallis Simpson, an American. Not just any American though. By then, Wallis Simpson was a twice divorced woman (after Spencer, Wallis married Ernest Aldrich Simpson, a British Shipping Executive)  and therefore, too controversial and not suitable to be Queen. So to make a long story short, he gave up his throne and his brother became King.

(Collin Firth played the brother, George VI, who had to worked through his speech impediment to give a great speech and succeed the throne in The King’s Speech. Love Colin Firth and Helena Bonham Carter in the movie by the way. :))

Colin Firth and Helena Bonham Carter filming T...

Colin Firth and Helena Bonham Carter filming The King’s Speech at Queen Street Mill Textile Museum. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some historians are saying that its pure speculation that she (Simpson) made any impression on the Prince there at the Hotel Del Coronado as there were thousands of people there that night, but people loved the story and many continues to pass on the tale, so while it may not be true, it’s widely speculated that it was at The Del that they met…

The signature of Edward VIII on the declaratio...

The signature of Edward VIII on the declaration of abdication. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Portrait of Wallis Simpson, 1936

Portrait of Wallis Simpson, 1936 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So the Hotel is known for romance, right?

Yes, but it’s known for other things, too. Perhaps the most famous tale of all doesn’t involve Hollywood glamour nor politics, or the rich & famous, but of a haunting story about a beautiful woman whose mysterious death is still very much a mystery. Many said that the hotel may be haunted by a friendly and beautiful ghost, some believe to be Kate Morgan.


200 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many people come near and far to check into a certain room(s) where she stayed. We didn’t see Kate on this visit (nor did we check into any room), but when we went to the gift shop to browse, the sales lady there was telling another guest all the strange happenings. Like how sometimes she can feel someone tugging on a towel she’s folding even though no one’s there. oooooo 😉

Beautiful, Romantic, and Mysterious.

Evening shot of the Hotel Del Coronado

Evening shot of the Hotel Del Coronado (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I am skipping Friday as I have a little soiree (my fancy word for dinner date with friends) to attend. 🙂  Next post will be another link back post, and then we will cover more about the Hotel grounds with more pictures of The Del’s surrounding area and the famous white sand beach.

Yes, the white sand beach is gorgeous. And I hope you all have a gorgeous day.  xxoo

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  1. A beautiful hotel for the rich and famous – thanks for telling its history and showing such gorgeous pics 🙂

    Choc Chip Uru

    • Hi CCU, the hotel is beautiful because it’s unique design is from another era, but the most beautiful in this property is the white sand beach. And that’s open to the public, so it’s well worth a visit. The hotel also offer some competitive rates, so it may fit into a celebratory or special weekend budget. 🙂 we didnt stay here because there’s too much to do off this island. Maybe next time…

  2. Kate Morgan’s story is the third ghost story I’ve read today and I wasn’t even looking for ghost stories 🙂 Enjoyed your photographs. Very unique looking structure.

  3. King Edward VIII who gave up his throne for twice-divorced Wallis Simpson.
    I read a book about this when I was little.
    Talk about love, eh. 😉

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