Virtual Travel Destination: Albania

Last week, we visited Brunei Darussalam. This week, we will be going to…Albania.

Albania flag courtesy of

Albania flag courtesy of



Capital: Tirana

Official Language: Albanian

Other languages spoken: Albanian dialect: Tosk (south) and Gheg (north); Italian, Greek, French, German, English.

Continent: Europe

Currency: Albanian lek

(as of 10/25/2014)

Albania is in Eastern Europe, bordering Greece. Albania’s capital is Tirana and it’s well-known for its beautiful beaches (nearby…thanks Shelley), but like any busy city, it’s also well-known for traffic. Formally a communist bloc country, it’s now pending EU status.

Where in the world is Albania?

Where in the world is Albania?

For those seeking more history, head over to the ancient ruins of Butrint. I found a great YouTube video from geobeats for just this visit.

No virtual visit is complete without any food right? So what kind of food do Albanians eat? The cuisine of Albania is very influenced by the Mediterranean. Lots of tomatoes, eggplants, legumes, and they love to make stews, casseroles, stuffed vegetables, or meatballs. And oh yes, yogurt sauce on lots of food. I think it’s very similar to Greek cuisine and incidentally, they are neighbors.

Here’s a link to for the recipe for tavë kosi, baked lamb and rice with yogurt sauce.

And lastly, let’s look at this elaborate Albania’s wedding entertainment. I am actually not sure if it was held in Albania, but wow, it was amazing. This lovely couple has these belly dancers entertain their guests. It’s so over-the-top. I love all the glitzy bling outfits. 🙂

That’s it for this week. We will be virtually going to another country next week.

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  1. Virtual tours of areas beyond the borders of the United States is one of the great benefits of the Internet and blogging since I don’t travel by plane anymore. 9/11 kind of ruined me on airplane travel.

    • Whatever way we choose to travel, I always wish everyone (including myself) a safe journey. It’s really sad that the a few bad can cause so much havoc for all that’s good. Thanks for your comment Russel and I hope you will enjoy the other virtual destinations coming up.

  2. My hubby is Albanian-Canadian, so we’ve visited 3 or 4 times now. Tirana is crazy, but I’m afraid there are no beaches there. 😦 You’d have to travel south for a few hours to reach any of the really beautiful beaches, but they are definitely worth it! Hope you make it there one day! 😀

    • Thanks for letting me know the inside scope. I have never been so I thought the beaches are in Tirana. I will update the post soon. Thank you. 🙂

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