Photo Post: Wahkeena Falls, Columbia River Gorge Photo Scenic Area

When you go to Portland, you must venture out to the Columbia River Gorge and do the waterfalls tour. It’s amazing!

You can do it two ways.

1. You drive there yourself.

2. You take a group tour.

We took a group tour. When we went to Oregon recently, we didn’t drive and instead booked a tour with Eco Tours of Oregon. We did the Columbia River Gorge Waterfalls/Mt. Hood Loop Tour. We had a great time and I got many wonderful photos out of this tour. The photos from my last two posts, the Columbia River photo and the salmon count are both photos I took when I was on the tour. The prices are reasonable, and our tour guide (owner) Jeff was very knowledgeable about the areas. When traveling in the van from place to place, he passes out information about the area and talks about nature and ecology. I really enjoyed the tour, but tours are not everybody’s cup of tea. So just go with your preference and check out Eco Tours to see if he has availability the next time you are in Portland, Oregon area.  (I was not paid to write this post nor did Eco Tours know that I will write about them.)

And here are a few photos of Wahkeena Falls and surrounding area. Wahkeena Falls is a 242 foot waterfall. Wahkeena translates to “most beautiful” in Yakama, an American native tribe in the area. Don’t you wish you are there right now? I know I do. It’s so aptly named…most beautiful.

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