Virtual Travel Destination: Brunei Darussalam

After not blogging for a while, I thought I will look at my stats and see who in the world visited me. According to my blog, since 2012, I have more than 29K views from the United States alone. My top 10 views besides U.S. come from Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, France, India, Philippines, Germany, Hong Kong, and Japan, respectively. WOW!

I compiled the list recently and randomized it, and we will be going to Brunei (virtually) today! I am soooo excited! This is almost as good as going for real except it’s free and I don’t even need to pack a bag.

My blog got 3 views from Brunei Darussalam since blog inception.




Brunei Darussalam means Brunei, abode of peace. I have never even heard of Brunei until I read an article about the Sultan of Brunei some time ago in a magazine.

Capital: Bandar Seri Begawan

Official Language: Malay

Other languages spoken: English, several different Chinese languages and dialects such as Mandarin, Hakka, etc., Iban, Penan, Melanau, Brunei Malay, Arabic, various Indian languages such as Tamil, Hindi, etc., Gurkhali, Filipino, and Indonesian.

Continent: Asia

Currency: Brunei dollar

(as of 10/25/2014)

The next I heard of it was at school and the professor spoke about how beautiful it was and how wonderful it was to hike around Brunei. Up until that point, the only thing I thought existed in Brunei is oil. Really? There are hiking places? So when I saw that I got 3 views from Brunei, I thought I will look them up to see what’s there to see…

Turns out it’s true. One of the highlights according to Lonely Planet, is Ulu Temburong National Park.

“Ulu Temburong National Park is in the heart of a 500-sq-km area of pristine rainforest covering most of southern Temburong. It’s so untouched that only about 1 sq km of the park is accessible to tourists; in order to protect it for future generations, the rest is off-limits to everyone except scientists, who flock here from around the world. Permitted activities include a canopy walk, some short jungle walks, and swimming in the cool mountain waters of Sungai Temburong – so don’t forget your swimsuit.”

Another highlight is Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque. It’s beautifully constructed and surrounded by a lagoon. People go there to pray.

Brunei is in Southeast Asia on the North Coast of Borneo. It is surrounded by Sarawak, Malaysia.

Map of Brunei, courtesy of Lonely Planet

Map of Brunei, courtesy of Lonely Planet

I found this YouTube video put together by the Royal Brunei Airlines to be one of the more well-done video out there, and for good reason, they want you to book travel with them. 🙂 Check it out though because aside from the obvious plugs, it also have really lovely shots of all the beautiful places you can visit.

After watching the video with all the hiking in nature and luxury pampering, I am in awe. I would love to go to Brunei one of these days. Maybe with a few friends or a tour group? Yes, maybe. Have you been to Brunei or do you live in Brunei? Share what it is like there and what beautiful / interesting places to go.

Now…we are moving on to food.

According to my research, it looks like Ambuyat is the national food of Brunei. But what is Ambuyat? Turns out Ambuyat is a dish made from powder that derived from the interior of the Sago palm. According to a lot of people who have tried it, it’s really a bland tasting dish by itself but becomes more tasty when you combine it with different sauces and food that goes with it. Being that I have never tried it, I would think it’s like rice and tofu. It’s like rice because the Ambuyat is the local people’s starch to go with their meals. It’s like tofu being that the Ambuyat picks up whatever flavoring it’s pair with. Even though I am unsure visiting Brunei, I am curious to try Ambuyat.

Check out this YouTube vid from Brunei Times on Ambuyat.

Did I miss anything? Are there other foods that’s interesting and yummy that a visitor will want to try in Brunei? Post a comment below to let us know.

I am also highly involve in wedding planning lately, so I have been curious about how people around the world celebrate their wedding and the looks of their wedding day. I found this lovely Brunei wedding on YouTube and I love how they mix in modern influences with their Brunei cultural dresses. What a lovely couple. Are all Brunei weddings this elaborate?

That’s it for today.

We will be virtually traveling to a different place next week, so stay tune.

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