Homemade Beignets

Oh, the weather outside is dreadful, so we made beignets with help from the Cafe Du Monde mix.

beignet mix

stir the mix

G stir the mix as I hover over the mix and take pictures.  I soooo help! 🙂

roll out the mix and cut into squares

I rolled out the mix and G cut out the squares.

Then we put the little squares into the oil.

Then once they are done, we scoop them up and top them with cinnamon & sugar since we did not have powder sugar on hand.

beignets with sugar (and later added cinnamon)

beignet ready to eat

How about Beignets w/ Nutella?  LOL. We just improvise and had fun with them.  The beignets did not come out as fluffy and perfect as the ones from the Cafe Du Monde, but they are pretty good anyhow and fun and easy to do…

Until next time, yours at foodtable. 😉

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  1. FT – nutella and beignets – the PERFECT combo – you smart thing, you! *iz

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