Annoying fact about blogging and sharing…

I was randomly surfing the web today and very dismayed to discover that one of my photo is posted on other people’s sites without permission.

I promptly notify the site. While I am generally easy-going and don’t usually mind if people ask me, I do mind when they post photos that I have taken and masquerade as their photo. It’s very annoying and it’s illegal.

I credit other people’s work when I post others’ work on my site and I usually try to link it back to them too, so please…some common courtesy would be appreciated.

4 responses to “Annoying fact about blogging and sharing…

  1. I agree. I would never use somebody else’s work without asking for their permission and including a citation. I hope no-one is using my photos without permission.

  2. Sorry about this, Lisa. It takes so little to give everyone credit where credit is due, it’s almost inconceivable that anyone would think about getting away with such an unethical move. Hopefully the upcoming year will hold much more of the other kind of news for you and everybody, that there are still a lot of decent people around to make it all worthwhile. Happy New Year.

  3. I really hate it when people do that. There are blogs that are entirely made up of other people’s photos and that never link back.

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