Halloween weekend, galas, food, and creativity

Hi. Hope you all had a great Halloween!

Did you went treat a treating with your kids and then went ahead to take all their candies away because you wanted those Twix bars? And then you tell them that it’s ‘cuz you love them and don’t want their teeth to rot like that zombie over there. Look at those rotting teeth! (Oops! That’s daddy. Sorry Dad!)

So I got all dressed up for work on Halloween. I was a fox in a cute tutu. Don’t judge. It’s my interpretation of What does the fox say? and I won some contest. Nope. Not the costume contest though, but a consolation door prize. Still, I am excited ‘cuz I won something. Finally!

But before Halloween, I did help the Halloween committee do some work on setting up the place and helped them take it down afterwards though I didn’t do much heavy lifting afterwards. They showed me how to drill holes into a pvc pipe. I think this is where I had the most fun but also tired me out tremendously because the drill is so darn heavy. So my coworker Ashley LOVES Halloween. She and others built this cool Halloween haunted room inside one of our meeting rooms. As if regular meetings weren’t scary enough, on Halloween day, we had a scarier meeting room inside a room full of dead files, a looping message on the phone telling us that we have called the first layer of hell and if we wanted a loophole for murder, we should be dialing 4 for hell’s legal department. A receptionist that died and rotting by the phone, and zombies jumped out at us making us pee in our pants and ordered us to send our expense reports on time and quit taking time off to go to lunch because we are their lunch! Mwahaha!

Talking about lunch. I didn’t have much to eat that day except for Halloween snacks. Let’s see… I had severed fingers (carrots with almonds); monster eye balls (half tomatoes with olives and a dot of sour cream), ghosts (fresh strawberries dipped in white chocolate and decorated to look like ghosts), chocolate cupcakes all decked out with worms (gummy worms) and some chocolate rats (not real), etc. Really creative. Too bad I have no photos to show.

So what is it about Halloween that brings out those crazy bunch of boozed up minions? I chatted with one on the bus. At the time of our conversation, he was still sober, but who knows what happened later that night…. Anyway,he never watched any Despicable Me movies, but still managed to be part of a team beating out the zombies at work. Brilliant! By the way, the minions are very popular bunch and they’re coming out with their own movie.

Were you allergic to handing out candies to a bunch of kids? Instead of hitting the bars, did you stay home (with some yummy treats of course), shut all the lights off and closed all the curtains and curled up on the sofa with your person (or pet) to watch some horror movie?


So a few weeks ago, G and I attended the Asian Pacific Fund Gala at the Four Seasons. Our company sponsored a table, so a few of us went. One of the highlights of the evening were the bidding. It was sooo exciting. And one of the most popular bids that night, dim sum lunch with author Amy Tan and the winner also get an advance copy of her HOT new book (plus manuscript? and a book mark thingy she personally made), “The Valley of Amazement.” Oh and she added that the sex scene in the book is quite graphic? Those may not be her exact words, but I think that’s about what I thought I heard. Good enough for me. HOT!


Talking about Hot! I also went to a team building event at a place call, Kitchen On Fire in Berkeley. When I heard that name I thought I needed to bring a fire extinguisher with me, but it turned out quite pleasant and the only fire we had been the ones on the stoves. And some heat in our dishes but otherwise, pretty awesome experience. We made roasted soy sauce chicken, pizzas, chinese dumplings, and some other yummy foods. I highly recommend them for team buildings and maybe even a bachelor/bachelorette party where the entire party can be divided into 2 groups and compete against one another for fun and share the tasty dishes afterwards. I think that would be fun and great opportunity to spend time with friends and family.

And talking about weddings…I recently attended one with G. Very creative wedding with lots of Pinterest type touches. I loved it.

Talk to you all later. Continue to enjoy this weekend… xxoo

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