Enjoy Vegetarian Restaurant: Very Enjoyable Dining Experience

Enjoy Vegetarian is a neighborhood Chinese vegetarian restaurant that serves sumptuous food. If you want to introduce someone to eat more Chinese Vegetarian food, this is a great place to take them. Almost everything’s delicious.

Some incredible callouts are:

  • String Beans with soy beef
  • Taro, Sesame Veggie Chicken*
  • Taro with Fatty Pork (fake pork of course)*
  • Stir fried pea sprouts with ginger (YUM!!!)
  • Spinach and pine nuts fried rice (YUM YUM!!!)
  • Hot and Sour Soup

ENJOY! 🙂  I absolutely love taro (or kalo…you know the main plant ingredient that produces Poi in Hawaii. :)) and they cook it so deliciously that it melts in your mouth. For those that want to eat less meat, this is an absolutely wonderful dish to eat as it’s filling, creamy, aromatic and just wonderful texture. You won’t miss eating the meat version.

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