Limon Rotisserie: Yummy Roasted Chicken

Here are a few yummy snaps to share. (I struggle with “here is and here are” over these photos because I made them into a collage,so does that mean it’s one big photo now or are these still multiples? Hmmm…back to posting on hand.)

Limon Rotisserie. This Peruvian restaurant has been around for a while and have several locations around the city. However, this is the first time we visited them (although we did this a few months ago.) We have heard about this place from friends & coworkers alike and #1 dish to eat the roasted chicken.

Our verdict: This is a very casual place (comfortable and warm) and we found their roasted chicken to be very yummy and affordable.

And talking about roasted chicken, I will share my roasted chicken experience with you guys later about my cooking experience at a Berkeley cooking school later this week. So much fun…and yummy food. Stay tune. (Also, for those that left me comments in earlier posts, I will come by to visit you very soon, if I haven’t already. 🙂 Thanks for your comments and I wish you all a lovely weekend.)

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