Snow Garden: Chinatown eats

I rarely eat in C-Town nowadays, but recently, I went there. This is my second time at this hole-in-wall restaurant. I probably won’t go back. I think 2x is enough for me to say, “Yeah, been there.” It’s just okay Chinese food, nothing to write home about, but this is on the well-lighted and very touristy Grant Ave, so I went in and treated myself to Walnut Prawns. I think I was the only local there besides the restaurant staff.

LIKE:  Lots of prawns in the dish, but then this is one of the pricier dishes

DON’T LIKE: Not much ambience, but then I knew that already…

MIXED FEELINGS:  Walnuts in the dish. On one hand, they are not overly sweet like some of the other restaurants, but on the other hand, I don’t know…they are just not very crispy…Hmm.

Snow Garden | 712 Grant Ave | San Francisco, CA
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2 responses to “Snow Garden: Chinatown eats

  1. It looks good and usually hole in the walls are frequented more by locals because they are really good and homemade.
    I liked how you pointed out that you were the only local there, besides the staff; that says it all! Thank you for sharing.


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