Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine


When I am outside

playing with my camera

everything I see suddenly becomes

part of my narrative,

my story suddenly becomes more vivid,

in color or in monochrome.
I know that I have stories to tell–

Sometimes, my focus is not so clear,

yet I am trying to better — get clearer.

Or am I intentionally leaving that — fuzzy?

What you see here on this blog are my vision and interpretations of what’s real, yet I have captured them in frames that isolated specific objects or time and made them become central focus that I found beautiful or unique or fun, or just interesting and thought-provoking. And sometimes, it’s just not that complicated. I am just documenting stuff like food and events~ Simple pleasures of everyday life.

At the end of the day, my photos may not be the best photograph out there, but I photographed them, and I learned from each of them. I enjoy the entire process. And someday, I will get better at this thing call, Photography and then I will move on to photo softwares, but for now, I just like taking pictures and seeing the world through my lense(s) one frame at a time.

15 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Mine

  1. Agree fully! Every picture does tell a story : )
    I enjoy your photos! I reblogged a couple of your links on my new reblog page; I hope others that haven’t seen your blog will view them!

  2. To me, this image conveys hope…there’s so much light and the trees do their best to reach it–all the time, no matter what–even the ivy that wraps around wants in on the action—great photo!!!

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  4. I love your photos! And I like the idea of capturing the moment too, even if a picture is not perfect 🙂
    I found out that sometimes sometimes pictures are a result of our mood of the moment too.
    So please, keep sharing yours 🙂

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