Travel Theme: Foliage

First time joining this travel theme at Where’s my backpack? Thanks for the invite, Ailsa. 🙂

I love Autumn (fall) colors, yet we don’t have much of that here in our city. Sure, sometimes we get lucky and see a spot here and there, but they are so flitting. Recently I saw some of those pretty fall colors when we went on a field trip to Marin, but I was on a tour bus, so it was hard to take a lot of good pictures, though if you were there, you will know that I did try. 😉 Most of the fields I saw out there are golden-colored or green vines with lots of cows and horses munching on those hills.

At this time of the year, some of the foliage I do see on the streets consisted of trees shedding their leaves, readying themselves for Autumn and Winter.

I took this photo from a parking lot entrance. It was a bit misty with fog that day and I walked past this parking lot and saw the tree branches hung low near the entrance. I thought it looked a bit magical like a portal? Before I posted this photo, I try to crop out the parked cars as much as I could, so you can see how enchanting it looked. Just a slight rise of my camera among the branches, a magical portal to a wonderful place…

(And if you are not into imagination but a very practical person…a wonderful place to park your car because parking is hard to come by here. ;))




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  1. Beautiful and stunning picture! It looks mystifying, yet serene! Love it!

  2. mystery in the most ordinary spots is even more magical – like the wardrobe portal to Narnia. A fabulous foliage shot

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