One of my favorite flowers…Cherry Blossoms

It’s Wednesday. It’s always a tough day. Right in the middle of the week…

So I took this picture in April when the Cherry Blossom trees around here were in full bloom. I am pretty sure these are Cherry Blossoms and not Plum Blossoms, but if I am wrong, my next favorite is Plum Blossoms. Haha. I seem to like a lot of white or pale pink flowers. They are all so pretty…

I have forgotten all about this photo until I was doing some clean up tonight trying to get more backlog into actual post. I am delighted to share this one with you all. I hope you like it.

11 responses to “One of my favorite flowers…Cherry Blossoms

    • Really…sometimes we just need something beautiful like flowers to perk us up on a bad day. Not that I am saying today’s bad…haha. I know I get super excited when I receive pretty flowers… Thanks for commenting Choc Chip Uru. 🙂

  1. Love the blossoms. They are beautiful!

    Your blog looks great!!! I really like the fonts.


  2. Cherry blossoms are beautiful. They do remind me of the happy days that me and my family had in California. It also means that Spring is here and new beginnings are just around the corner. Thanks.

    • Definitely! Now summer’s almost over and I am looking forward to fall’s beautiful foliage. My favorite season is Autumn! We don’t have much of a season thing here in the Bay Area, but some parts, we do… Anyway, I hope you and your family have a great day. 🙂

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