Thank You Everyone…for Voting!

On Friday, August 10th, I asked for your help to VOTE for the new fonts on this blog… If you missed that post, here’s the LINK. And many of you enthusiastically gave me your opinion on the poll and on the comments section. Thank you! 🙂

Your opinions/comments really helped me decide on what fonts to use. As a result of that, I actually closed the poll earlier than expected and updated my fonts on the blog to reflect the new look. In the coming months, I may again ask for your help on different changes on this blog as I continue to make upgrades/changes to make this blog prettier and easier to read. I can’t give you a timeline, but I just know it will happen…

Right now, I want to share with you what I am using. I am sure you can see the results on the blog, but you guys helped me make this happen, so you get to see what fonts I am using.  Originally, I was going to use the FF Market font on everything, but many of you have told me on the poll/comments that it was difficult to read in the body text and the side bars, so I played around with all the available fonts and came up with Lapture. To me, Lapture looks classy without being too stuffy, so I went with that choice. I kept FF Market on the title and heading title because I just really like how it looks there. I hope you like my choices.

Again…Thank you! Couldn’t have made this decision without your help. x


8 responses to “Thank You Everyone…for Voting!

  1. I know waht you mean about not wanting a stuffy font – not easy to find between legible and informal. This is a very good happy medium. FF Market is very nice though – wish it worked in smaller font

  2. I like this’s neat and easy to read. You have no idea how frustrating it is to come across a great blog but having to squint to read properly…lol

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