Frog Hollow Farm: Organic Goodness

I swear that Frog Hollow Farms has the best peaches and nectarines I have ever tasted. So, so, so delicious.

And their tofu sandwiches are not bad either. I know some of you are not into tofu or tempeh, but these are so good here! YUM.

LIKE: Peaches, Nectarines, Sandwiches (tofu)



PRICE: Reasonable, less than $10 per item.

Frog Hollow Farm | 1 Ferry Building | San Francisco, CA
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6 responses to “Frog Hollow Farm: Organic Goodness

  1. I can’t eat the peaces because I’m allergic… but that sandwich is calling me girl LOL. Love your food post :). I hope you’ve been well

    • Sorry to hear that you are allergic to peaches. You will just have to trust me that they taste heavenly. 🙂 As for the tofu sandwich, it’s delish.

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