Izakaya Ju-Ku: Cute concept

I love to photograph food. As much as I like eating. And sometimes even more… So months ago (I did say I have a lot of posts backlog) we tried out Izakaya Ju-Ku. And good timing because I probably won’t be going now due to my training and watching what I eat.

What’s an Izakaya? Izakaya is a place for casual drinking after work. They also serve things like skewers and fried foods to accompanied those drinks. Sound like your local watering hole and happy hour? Almost. 🙂 We tried the following…

LIKE: Cute food presentation (I love food on a stick!)

DON’T LIKE: Some of the combos. Not used to it.


PRICE:  $ Depends on what you order. It’s pretty reasonable.

Izakaya Ju-Ku | 1801 Clement Street | San Francisco, CA
Izakaya Ju-Ku on Urbanspoon

6 responses to “Izakaya Ju-Ku: Cute concept

  1. Hi, We live close to SF and appreciate your restaurant reviews. I grew up in Japan, and I love everything Japanese.I don’t drink but yet I love izakaya, a friend calls it Japanese tapas. You have been blogging for a while, I have to explore and look for other Japanese restaurant reviews. Fae. 🙂

    • Hi Fae, thanks for your comment. I have not visited a lot of izakayas, but we have quite a few in the city, so I hope you enjoy trying them out. Have a great day! 🙂

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