Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

This week’s photo challenge calls for “purple” pictures.

I have already posted a few “purple” pictures in the past few weeks, so here are the links to those related post.

This photo is a repeat as I have posted it before, but thought it will answer this week’s photo challenge.

The photo below is new. Pretty Hydrangea.

Other Related Posts: (Note: Since I had to add everyone manually, there’s a really good chance I missed yours or if you post after I did, I may not have seen yours. If you ping back, I will accept and add you on the list as well when I get a chance. Thanks. :))

20 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Purple

  1. Favorite color is purple, favorite flower is lilac. All were beautiful.Thank you for the links.
    Especially loved Buntscheck WordPress blog picture. Very hard to choose!

  2. thank you for the like on my photo of the week ,”growth” It makes me feel good when people that have blogs that I belive are very good photographers. Thank you

    • Hi mhdriver, you are too kind. I am learning how to take photos, so that’s very encouraging that you think I take good photos. 🙂 I enjoy your blog and the recent post of “growth” and it also reminded me of the “fleeting moment” challenge we had weeks back. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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