Mindful Monday: Another Short Post

Hi all- I have nothing to update except that I have been really good about this walking thing, but my step numbers are nowhere near some of the people at my office whose been doing crazy amount of sports activities. Since I can’t give away what, I will just hint that some of those sports have challenges that involves the word, “death” in them, so you can only imagine how crazy they are (in a good way) and how serious they are taking on this competition.

I have even started to run again (more like run a block, walk two blocks, run again…huff huff..waddle, waddle, oh that hill looks too darn steep, let’s walk it…) Lol. Anyway, not only am I doing this walk challenge thing, I signed up for another team sport coming up in September, so I have to get in shape.

And that challenge requires a lot of upper body strength which isn’t usually my type of sport, but hey, I will try it and if I don’t like it, I won’t participate again next year. Why I do this to myself? I don’t know, but hopefully by year-end, I will be in better shape than I am now. I did promise myself that this year will be the year to really shape up. Working in an office and sitting all day is not that healthy. Plus, I love to eat, so I have got to work out more.

Have a great day. I will update my photo challenge posts soon to add more links. Just do not have time to do so now. Good night and Happy Monday!

A running cat on the snow.

A running cat on the snow. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

p.s. another random picture, but I do like the cat above running in the snow. Just beautiful.


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    • Thanks ac, cleaning coworkers’ cars is not idea of a good time. Last week, so coming down the wire. I m training slowly but not rushing. 🙂

  1. Great racing cat. Best of luck with your own running. Just to think of it takes the breath away from me. It’s all good. Happy Monday.

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