Golden Gate Bridge celebrates 75th Anniversary with Amazing Fireworks

Happy 75th Birthday Golden Gate Bridge! xxoo

Took some very blurry shots and then with some beginners’ luck, got a few decent shots in there as well. 🙂

I tried to take it all in with G while we were there and not just shoot photos because this was such an amazing occasion and we felt blessed to take part & celebrate it. An amazing evening, almost magical…

Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary | May 27, 2012 | 9:30 pm – 9:50 pm

I took this shot right in the begining of the event. It was so amazing to see the fireworks streaming across and meeting in the middle forming this cascade waterfall.

This is probably one of my favorite shots. I don’t know why but those beams coming down makes it look like she (Golden Gate Bridge) is wearing some very fancy hat and it’s just shimmery…

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    • I was kind of wondering about that myself. How are they going to top this, this year… Oh well, have to wait and see. 🙂

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