Airport Art 1

Maybe it’s just me, but I found that going through the airport security line a stressful experience. I have always tried to pack and dress light so that I can breeze through the lines as quickly as I can.

But once I get pass that line, I always wonder what I am going to do there for 90-120 minutes. There’s only so much magazines and airport food you can consume before you get totally bored. So maybe some of you just pass the time by reading a book or watching movie on your iPad, but I like to move around if I can. Afterall, I will be sitting on that plane for a few hours after boarding and I think that’s a lot of sitting.

So to move around, I look at airport art. Some airports are better than others in this respect. Some airports like SFO have lots of exhibits located in various places so that patrons can enjoy them as they go about their travels while other airports may just have a statue or a piece of mural, so I am really happy to see that we have some really good ones installed here.

Example of beautiful and interesting art at the SFO is the topography art titled, “Every Beating Second, 2011” by New York artist Janet Echelman that we saw recently when we flew out of SFO. I believe this piece was installed last year? Really enjoyed this one because at first glance, it does look like topography. Then it looks like it could also be a giant jelly fish. Then, it can look like a volcano. Can you see what else it can be? I think the pieces just flow beautifully together and I love that they are so big but look really light.

To see this art installation, you will have to fly in or out of Terminal 2. Here are my pictures. I hope you enjoy them.

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    • So true about the creativity. I normally don’t call out art pieces because i am a bit traditional in taste, but this one really speaks to me. 🙂

  1. Back in February I checked out the television exhibit at SFO. The local airport here does a good job with the art too. Happy Tuesday – Hello May!!!

    • Happy Tuesday and May to you too! Don’t you just love it when they have interesting exhibits? I am glad your local airport do a good job, maybe you can share some next time you fly out?

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