Great show at Beach Blanket Babylon and sloppy service at a restaurant nearby

30th anniversary window card

30th anniversary window card (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Are you in San Francisco for a few days and looking to go to a show that’s not too p.c. but isn’t too un-p.c.? Go to Beach Blanket Babylon.We had a great time at BBB  several weeks ago. This is a spot where locals and visitors alike will enjoy. One of the first things someone asked us when we went inside Club Fugazi was, “How many times have you guys seen the show?” The person was very surprised when we told her that this was the first time. Well, you know you can’t do everything…

Why is Beach Blanket Babylon worth going to?

BBB is worth going to because it’s incredibly funny and the costumes are ALL over-the-top.  The women in the show wear these really, Really, REALLY BIG hats that’s decorated with lots of funny and crazy themes and sing and dance throughout the entire show.

The theme of the show is that Snow White is looking for her Prince Charming and she goes around the world to find him. Will she find him in the end? You will have to watch the show to find out. (And for those of you that have watched this before (some many times), shhhh… 😉


Before we went to BBB, we had a leisurely lunch at one of the restaurants nearby. I had written about going to Panta Rei before, but we haven’t been there for a while. I have been there with different people since the last posting and found that their services were really sloppy.

We still gave it another chance because the food was good. On this revisit, we found that the food is still delicious (especially the pesto pasta) although service is still on the sloppy side. For example, we ordered a few items to share and they gave us a different dish where we had to sent back. Then when it came time for our bill, we got charged the wrong amount. Turns out they gave us a bill from another table. They did fix it but was not very apologetic about their own mistake and it’s not good to have this experience where you have to be constantly checking to make sure they are charging you the right amount and giving you the right order. If you go, just make sure you check your bill.

7 responses to “Great show at Beach Blanket Babylon and sloppy service at a restaurant nearby

  1. The BBB sounds like so much fun 😀
    And I bet it far outweighed the displeasure of bad service to make for a great day!

    Choc Chip Uru

    • BBB was a lot of fun. Definitely a good show to go if you come here. Lots of people have been to this show before. Including a lot of famous and infamous people.

  2. I’ve seen BBB around 5 times. They frequently change up the jokes and characters, although the basic premise stays the same. Never gets old!

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