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Bun Mee | 2015 Fillmore Street | San Francisco, CA


Bun Mee is a popular restaurant on Fillmore. On any given day,  the place is packed. Bun Mee is how you would pronounce the word Bánh mì which literally translates to “bread” in the Vietnamese language.

I am really not a sandwich person but I like Bánh mì because they taste so good. Compare to other Bánh mì places, I would say that this is more of an Americanized Vietnamese place because they don’t serve traditional Bánh mì but as they described, Bánh mì-inspired sandwiches. And on Fillmore, that’s what I would expect.

After ordering, you can either grab a table in the front or sit at the counter and watch the chefs make the food. We opted for the counter because we like to catch the action. They are known for the Sloppy Buns which is like your sloppy joes but with the baguette bread. We also tried their fresh rolls and the Five Spice Chicken sandwich which we thought was good as well.

Here are some pictures from our first visit when they first opened a few months ago.


8 responses to “Bun Mee: Popular on Fillmore

  1. I ate this when I visited Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, but didn’t knew the name. I just knew it from you.
    The sandwich sold on food stalls on the streets. Cheap but nice.
    You’re so lucky living in CA. I read from your blog, you can eat foods from all over the world there.

    • Asian street foods are popular and trendy here right now. It’s + and -. Plus is that yes, we get to have different types of food from all over the world and we are thankful for that because it’s great! Minus is that it’s now trending up, so you are not paying street prices for some of these food. Still, it’s not too expensive in comparision though…but you know what I mean. Mila, I think it’s wonderful that you traveled to Vietnam. Sounds wonderful and would love to do that one of these days. 🙂

  2. I’m not a huge sandwich person either. But whenever I find a sandwich irresistible, I find myself eating it lol. This place really sounds great

    • This restaurant is located on the more fashionable part of Fillmore. A few doors down, you can grab one of the best yogurt! :0)

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