Weekend Special: Look to the sky

Saw some very bright colors in the sky the other evening as I was taking a short stroll before heading back to … The colors really made me pause and for a moment, I was going to turn around and get my better camera, but I didn’t. I was afraid that if I turned, the moment would pass, so I captured these pictures with my phone camera.


Super Bowl: We are not rooting for any team so we decided we are not watching. It was a great game between the NY Giants and the SF 49ers 2 weeks ago, and we lost with just a few points, such is life. No crying about it because it was just a game. I was devastated to hear that some people tweeted threats to some of the 49ers after the loss… Are those people mad? That was a game! Sure, we all get mad, but if you can’t handle a game, than for Pete’s sake, don’t watch.

Weekend: And for some of us — we will be enjoying some outdoor fun and cooking this weekend or whatever else that we decide to do. Wishing all of you an awesome weekend! xxoo

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    • That was what I was afraid of…I know I can run back for the camera but then the colors would change or the sky would be darken by that point.

    • Thanks Kay! I wanted to thank you again for the mention and wanted to let you know that we have a few things in common besides the fact that we both love food and chocolates. Lol. Most surprisingly to me was that I was also in a band when I was in school for 2 years and played the flute, but I don’t play anymore. I also learned the violin and don’t play but I do enjoy it and you know what else, that just cool we have that in common besides food. Have lots of fun watching the game and enjoying the weekend!

    • They are really beautiful. But I love the fact that you live in Europe and eat awesome French food and English breakfasts. That’s just awesome! 🙂

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