Golden Gate Bakery: Golden Egg Custard Tarts

Chinese Egg Tarts from Golden Gate Bakery in SF

The Long Story Short:

Thankfully, by the time I got these yummies home, they were still piping hot, the dough still flaky and delicious, and the egg filling scrumptious! My family loves them (we don’t eat this very often) and so it was somewhat well worth the adventure…

The Long Story:

We recently lined up in front of this bakery in Chinatown on a miserable (read: rainy, cold, and wet) day right before Chinese New Year to buy their yummy egg tarts because everyone raves about them. G and I shared one egg tart from this place a few months ago just to see what the big fuss was about and had to agreed that it was one delicious egg tart! So even though we *almost got drenched by this bucket of water*, all of us in the line marched solidarity forward. Ha, such troopers I know — nothing like egg tarts to really egg us on. Lol.

As for that bucket of water? Well, technically, it’s not a bucket. It’s more of an upside down umbrella that some *idiot* (Sorry but I think the person deserved it) hung their umbrella upside down on one of the planks or poles near the awning of this bakery on a very rainy day. (Now why would someone do this?)

Since there was a line outside this place, the line snaked around the front of the bakery and some people were right underneath said umbrella, which surprisingly, no one noticed…


(Guess what happened?)

Said upside down bucket of an umbrella collected enough rain water (did I tell you that it was raining quite heavily by this time?), it toppled over and surprised a few people. 😦

Thankfully, G pulled me away at the right moment, so I stayed relatively dry (as can be on a rainy day) but some poor dears got all drenched!

Nothing like a bucket of cold rain water to get your priority straight. Lol.

In sum: Eggcellent egg tarts worth all the raves!

Should you want to try some of their famous egg tarts sans bucket of water, you should go on a nice sunny day or just step carefully.

Golden Gate Bakery | 1029 Grant Avenue | San Francisco, CA
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6 responses to “Golden Gate Bakery: Golden Egg Custard Tarts

  1. I can’t believe someone would leave an umbrella there like that. But anywho, these tarts look absolutely amazing. I am eating so many sweets today it’s not even funny lol

    • I know, right? Anyhoo- (LOL, we speak the same language!) Glad you had a really sweet birthday celebration! 🙂

  2. The last time I tasted an egg tart was when I am in Mcau, China… They said its one of the best egg tart in Asia! Happ y chinese new year!!! kong hei fat choy!!!

    • Awesome! I have not been to Macau yet. I heard it’s kind of like Vegas which I have been to a few times. I will make sure to try their egg tarts if I ever visit. 🙂

  3. Thank God your egg tarts were save.
    I lined up for egg custard tarts too when I visited Macao for almost 2 hours.
    But it was worth the wait… the tarts are delicious :p

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