Back Forty Texas BBQ Roadhouse & Saloon: Award winning BBQ Ribs

The closest I have ever been to Texas was inside the Houston airport frantically searching for my lost wallet (I forgot to zip my pockets and dropped it on the plane) and the awesome cleaning crew found it and turned it in to the Captain, so long story short, I got my wallet back just in time and was able to make my connection. I was so grateful that I wrote to the airline thanking them afterwards… Sorry, I digress.

So, I am planning on actually visiting Texas one day. Besides visiting all the historical sites like the Alamo, I think the first thing I will probably want to try in Texas is their famous Texas BBQ. I know that there’s plenty of debate about the best BBQ, but you know what? I am not passing up good grub.

Since that is not happening soon, I take comfort in knowing that we have a bit of Texas’ best in Walnut Creek, California. Back Forty Texas BBQ serves up some delicious BBQ. We have been here for lunch, dinner, private parties, and even had them catered at work and offsite. And almost without fail, we love their BBQ ribs! And they are famous, too! Their BBQ Ribs placed first at the Nugget Rib Cook-off in 2011 (Reno, Nevada).

Aside from yummy BBQ ribs, the Back Forty name is also an interesting one. I LOVE a good story, so here’s one I excerpted from their website.  🙂

It All Began in a Poker Game.

In the mid-1960’s, Michael Schroeder was in Austin, Texas, engaged in his favorite pastime. Another player, short on cash but long on nerve, covered Schroeder’s bet by offering “half my restaurant.” Schroeder’s three 3’s beat a pair of queens. When it was time to pay up, the owner of the barbeque restaurant insisted that he meant “half the space,” not a “half interest.” Schroeder’s “half” was an empty room in the back.

Angered by the sleazy tactic, Schroeder collected his grandmother’s barbeque recipes and set up a restaurant-within-a-restaurant.

Customers were aware of the shared-space arrangement. And, although his seating space was limited to 40 people, his barbeque was so superior that customers were soon asking specifically to be seated in the back forty. Business in the front section dwindled; Schroeder bought out the owner and turned it into a legendary barbeque chain.

(Story Excerpted From Back Forty Texas BBQ Restaurant’s website, to read more, click HERE.)

Back Forty Texas BBQ Roadhouse & Saloon | 100 Coggins Drive | Walnut Creek, CA
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