Amphawa Thai Noodle House: Delicious and Hospitable

A big welcome to 2012! This is going to be an amazing year with lots of wonderful and happy adventures and I am so excited to have you all along…

Let’s start this brand new year with a feature on a restaurant that  epitomizes the excitement and hospitable culture of Thailand: Amphawa.

“Amphawa is a floating market in Thailand where vendors are ready and waiting to prepare and served their Thai specialties on their boats filled with fresh produce.” People come to Amphawa to get food and shop for fresh produce. I find this idea both practical and wonderful. Practical in that these markets are floating around the region to serve the customers and wonderful in that there are so many varieties available.

We were both excited about Amphawa’s opening at the exact same spot that used to be Chiangmai (another Thai restaurant.) Amphawa revamped the space and made it seem more spacious.

The food is still really good and plated nicely. Since they (re)opened, we have already visited a few times before this post and the food was delicious on each visit.

On our most recent visit, we tried the Pad Thai, a Thai salad (Yum Woosen – silver noodle salad with minced pork, shrimp, black fungus (aka tree ears), onions, chili, and lime dressing , Gai Ga Prow (minced chicken with basil), and Gui Chai (crispy chives cakes appetizers.) On previous visits, we also tried their curries and they were scrumptious as well.

Please enjoy my food picture below… Happy New Year!

Amphawa Thai Noodle House on Urbanspoon
Amphawa Thai Noodle House | 5020 Geary Blvd. | San Francisco, CA

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