Lark Creek: Charming location

Recently attended a private party here hosted by my company. This location is conveniently on Locust Street near many other shops and restaurants. Since we dined inside their private dining room, Oakville Room, I can only write about that part of the restaurant for this post.

The Oakville room overlooks the street and is next to their wine room. The room seems a bit crowded with so many of us in the room, but it was still a very nice setup.

My coworkers went taste-testing at a few restaurants before picking this one for the party, so naturally, we were all excited about our two course lunch at Lark Creek.

For starters, we had a choice of soup (forgot what soup they offered since I didn’t pick this choice) or Caesar Salad and Parmesan Croutons. I chose the Caesar Salad since the staff kept saying how great this salad tasted and it’s the best… Well, I am sorry to disappoint, but I have definitely had better Caesar Salad than this one. I couldn’t even taste whether they put any anchovies in it and the lettuce leaves were all chopped up and a bit watery, a big no-no in my humble opinion when dining at fine restaurants such as this one. The parmesan croutons also wasn’t very impressive.

Next, we were treated to a few options to choose for the Main Course and I went for the Steelhead trout dish because my coworker told me, “Omg! It was delicious!” It was a good dish and yes, it was delicious.

For dessert, our options were Creme Brulee or the Chocolate Cupcake Sundae with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream & Fudge Sauce. Guess which one I went for? The Chocolate Cupcake! To be honest, I thought the dessert was actually the best part of this meal. Really rich and decadent, so did not finish the entire cupcake, but I came close to it, mind you.

Even though this meal was good, it did not measure up to my expectation. But I am grateful for the overall experience and for my company for footing the bill on this one.  I will probably try this restaurant out again privately in the forseeable future. I have heard steak is a standout there, so am curious to find out if that’s indeed true.

Lark Creek | 1360 Locust Street | Walnut Creek, CA
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