We had two experiences at Triptych and both instances were just so-so. Our first dining experience was brunch and our second was the dinner. Comparing these two experiences, I definitely prefer the brunch over dinner because dinner was not very good at all. Aside from a few snafu with our dining certificate from opentable, we thought the food was just mediocre.  The worst offender’s got to be the sashimi plate. They use this smoked salmon and piled it on with some foul tasting mushroom thing that is a bit bitter and sour. I do not recommend it.

The restaurant also seems to be trying too hard to be “artsy” because aside from being a restaurant, it features a live DJ during brunch and arts by various artists on their wall. Their unisex bathroom also seems to be a shrine of some sort of the 60’s-80’s and they have a patio in the back that looks a bit like an afterthought because all their junk was piled around there as well.

Triptych | 1155 Folsom Street | San Francisco, CA

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  1. I don’t know about unisex bathroom lol, but the photos of the dishes don’t look so bad. But I believe in your food review so I won’t go here when I visit CA. Seriously.. you’re a great food reviewer. Missed your post

    • Thanks for the compliment…I am only trying to write down my own opinion to the place so that I remember why I like/didn’t like it. And if it helps another to make a decision, just doing my part… By the way, I don’t like unisex bathrooms either but a lot of restaurants out here are doing that. To be honest, the brunch wasn’t bad, but the dinner just did not hit the mark.

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