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  1. To be honest with you, I’m not surprised at all that it closed down. I used to work for them and I quit because I couldn’t handle the uncleanliness and unprofessionalism. The workers were given one t-shirt to wear. Most workers wore them for 5 days straight before washing them! When I started working there, the floors were neither swept nor mopped regularly, and they were operating despite not having passed the FDA and Fire Department inspections. Their sinks were improperly installed and led to backups and dirty dishwater that took almost 45 minutes to drain, so dirty dishes were not uncommon. As well, dirty dishes (and dishwater) were often left overnight, our bosses not wanting us to do overtime to clean. I caught one of my superiors smoking in the prep kitchen, and that was when I decided to quit. The owners had never worked in a kitchen before and had no idea about safety or sanitation issues. I struggled for months to revise their sanitation policies and while they did make up checklists, the policies weren’t always followed before they were checked off as complete. Another side not: If you visited, and ordered something without nuts (because of an allergy) all the knives were simply wiped down and placed in the same bin, having been used with nuts or not. Also, the countertops were cleaned before and after service, but never in the middle of the day when they got dirty; they would be wiped down with a rag. They were probably closed down by the FDA. I loved the concept, they could have been a great restaurant, if they had been able to keep their kitchen clean.

    • Hi Anon: Thank you for commenting. It’s interesting to hear it from an insider’s perspective. While I don’t know the exact reason why they closed, I think what you said about the cleanliness (or lack of) definitely raise some concerns. Yes, I like the concept a lot too. I hope another belgian waffle place will pop up. I know that will make a lot of people happy. 🙂

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