lunch @ Parrilla

We don’t normally eat here, so it was interesting to try this place out. We both like the guacamole in the guacamole and chips dish, but we definitely prefer the guacamole over the chips because it was really good.  The chips seem to be a thicker fried pita. Not your usual thin chips. Nothing wrong with that except we found it kind of oily.

I made the mistake of ordering the Enchilada Poblanas (covered in mole sauce) because I don’t like mole sauce. But for those of you that do like it, I can’t really tell you whether it’s good or not because I haven’t eaten enough mole to distinguish what makes a good mole. Sorry about that. If you know, you can write in and educate me about this topic.

I think the other dish was a fajita and it tasted good. They have a bar here and I see people coming in to enjoy brunch, happy hours, and of course, football. Good place to come if you have a large group that enjoys football.

Parrilla | 1760 Polk Street | San Francisco, CA
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  1. Oh.. I don’t like mole sauce either. But I do love guacamole. Especially when it’s made to order, because I can’t eat tomatoes. And oily chips .. suck. Love this review

    • Funny…i don’t like tomatoes much either. I will eat them once in a while, but they are not on my list of favorites. 🙂

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