Recent indulgence…natto, taiyaki, and macaron

Natto. Distinctive and somewhat of an acquired taste. The beans are bitter and tasted like medicine to me. Also, it’s kind of weird having all these sticky webs on the chopsticks. It’s suppose to be a super food and very healthy for you, but I don’t think I will eat it again. Available at Japanese grocery stores.

Taiyaki. Japanese pancakes with different toppings inside. We tried the taro and red beans. Very, very sweet. I like pancakes but this is a bit much for me. Cute design though. You can get taiyaki at May’s Coffee Shop inside the Japan Center Mall at 1737 Post Street, San Francisco.

Macaron. We had macarons before of course, but we stop in and tried the Fillmore Bakeshop because it was just so tempting. We came out with lots of treats. Fillmore Bakshop is located at 1890 Fillmore Street, San Francisco.



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