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I have wanted to come to Chuchai since months ago.  I know it’s kind of silly to want to eat Thai food here at Montreal when San Francisco has plenty of options too, but it’s one of those things I just can’t explain…

Firstly, Chuchai isn’t just a Thai restaurant. It’s actually a vegetarian one which made it much more interesting as one of my parent’s been nagging me (out of love, of course) to go vegetarian for a while now.  And probably very happy to hear that I have been eating so healthfully on this trip.

Going to Chuchai is a bit of a chore.  First of all, the bus that I was suppose to take only operates during peak hours, and like an idiot, I was waiting for it at 3 p.m. because I didn’t understand the french words.

So I ended up going back to my hotel and taking a taxi to the restaurant.  I also ended up taking a taxi back to the hotel because I couldn’t find the metro at night.  So I ended up actually spending more money on taxi rides than on food.  Lol.

These are what I had for dinner. The food was delicious…

  • La Griffintown Montrealaise (Ale Blonde 5% alcoh.) – pairs really well with the slightly too-salty veg. duck & basil.
  • Vegetarian Samosa
  • Vegetarian tom yum khung soup with coconut milk
  • Vegetarian duck with basil

Vegetarian Tom Yum Gung

ChuChai | 4088 Saint Denis Street | Montreal, QC H2W 2M5 | Canada
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