snack @ Le Petit Chateau

Cute as this place may be, it left quite a memorable impression on me.  And it’s not the good kind.


After ignoring me, they proceeded to serve others around me.  Just because I am by myself doesn’t make me invisible.  And I gave them at least 15 minutes before I even ask for service because I wanted to make sure it’s not the laid back attitude around here.   And then, guess what the lady said, oh, you will have to wait for your server…  After waiting for another 5 minutes, I was finally approached by this older gentleman asking me what I would like.  He seemed impatient with me as I had to flip back to the page of menu that referring to the crêpe I would like to try.  Well, if you had come earlier, I would have remembered every single word, but I can’t memorize and find a waiter at the same time…  And then off he goes and comes back to fill my water (finally) and rather quickly with my drink which I appreciate, but then took him a while to get the crêpe out.

Pretty good local cider and so-so crêpe.

And then, right after I put my fork down, he came back to ask if I would like to see the dessert menu.  I would.

And then decided against it because of the bad service earlier and I really don’t want another so-so crêpe again from this place.

He came back with the check really quickly as soon as I told him that I would not like dessert after all.  Well, if it was this efficient earlier, maybe I would have ordered something much more fancy.  I felt like they just wanted to turn tables here, so I am not going to spend any more money at an establishment that serves so-so food and gives bad service.

Not going back here again next time I am in Quebec City, that’s for sure.

Le Petit Chateau | 5 rue St-Louis | Quebec, QC  G1R 3Y8 | Canada
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