my take on artichokes

About a month ago, I told Mary Anne & Mariel of Feast on the Cheap that I would attempt to make a Salade Nicoise with their recipe because I found some artichokes on sale (Trader Joe’s) and didn’t know what to do with said artichokes.

artichoke with eggs

While I would call my attempt interesting (ha ha), I didn’t make anything close to their traditional recipe of Salade Nicoise not because I didn’t want to, but because I realized half way that I didn’t have a lot of the ingredients on hand except for the artichokes and too time crunched to run out and get more stuff.  Fortunately it was okay, as M&M pointed out on their posting, “this salad is only limited by one’s imagination.”

Thank goodness for that because I definitely took a lot of liberty there.  For more delicious recipes and inspiration for affordable meals, please check out Feast on the Cheap’s blog.

As for my attempt, it looked better than it tasted, but it was definitely fun to make and made me appreciate the cooks/chefs who can turn out yummy artichoke salads/dishes.

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  1. Ha! Too funny, I hate when I start a recipe only to realize I should’ve made a trip to the grocery store first. Thanks so much for the shout though, we’re touched!

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