dinner @ Cello Kebob & Pizza

chicken shish kebab plate

G and I had a quick casual dinner here one day a few weeks ago.  We shared a Chicken Shish kebab plate, and wanted to try their rice pudding for dessert.  After they charged G, they forgot to give him the dessert, and failed to let us know that they ran out… :/

So after we finished the kebab plate (the chicken was good, G didn’t like the rice though), we asked for the pudding and was told that they don’t have it and to get anything else on their menu.  So G ordered Naan and was told they were out of that too.  Disappointed, G just grab a mango lassi drink (last one) from their fridge and called it a day.

chicken s.k. cooking over pit

Although I really like how they cook the chicken kebab in front of their customers, I am a bit disappointed that they were out of everything we wanted that day.

Cello | 75 First Street | San Francisco, CA
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