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Lychee Martini

It’s not like I am on a quest to visit as many Thai places as possible in the City although I mentioned before that both G and I really like Southeast Asian food for their spices and flavorful food.

Most of the Thai places I have been to lately closes very late, and so it really made it easy for me

Basil Chicken

when I am in a time crunched situation and needed dinner quickly.

Although Osha Thai has many branches in the City, I have only been to the one at Embarcadero 4.

The food here is nouveau Thai and what really draws the financial district (FiDi) crowd in is their proximity to FiDi, the ambiance, a happy hour special, and a very full list of appetizers  and drinks on their menu.

Duck roll appetizer

This Embarcadero location has a full bar with friendly bartenders who knows how to make wonderful lychee martinis.  Although they are kept very busy making drinks, they always smile and made me feel welcome.

Also, this bar have at least 5 types of beers on tap.  I took some bad mental notes, so don’t blame me if I get it wrong, but I think I saw Stella, Heineken, Amstel Light (?), Anchor Steam, and Guinness.  And their shelves are lined and stocked up with all different types of vodkas and gins among many others, so it’s definitely a real bar and not some random bar setup.

The food is pretty good here as well.  They definitely make a good gra prow (Thai chicken basil) dish.   The one dish I thought was very odd is their Angel Wings (no picture, sorry) because they drenched the chicken wings with a sticky hot sauce while most Thai places I have been to have their Angel Wings (Chicken) stuffed with chopped chicken meat (meat that they took out from the Chicken (chopped and add in vermicelli noodles, mushrooms and finally flavored with spices) and fried.  It’s tedious to make but nonetheless, a delicious dish (goes awesome w/ beer), so I always appreciate it when I get it in restaurants.

Since this is a FiDi location with ambiance and a full bar, the prices are going to reflect that.  Thai restaurants tend to be very afforable IMHO, but this one is a bit pricier.  Although not outrageous, expect to pay 2x – 3x higher for the same dish here than your neighborhood Thai Restaurant.  This of course depends on how fancy your usual Thai restaurant is.

Osha Thai has a sexy vibe with dim lights and energetic music (can be considered very loud when combined with people talking) and a very ecstatically pleasing interior design.  The frequent patrons are usually FiDi workers with some tourists mixed in, and some random people like myself (Lol).  Most of the guys/gals dressed pretty nice/sexy here as this seems also a bit like a pickup and/or date spot, but you will also see a lot of loosen up suits and banana republic types (and I love BR, so no diss there..esp the current campaign looks) lounging around and looking like they just needed to knock back a few with their buddies.  Can’t blame them though.

Happy Hour is definitely a happening hour here at: 

Osha Thai Restaurant & Lounge | 4 Embarcadero Center | San Francisco, CA
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  1. Love Basil Chicken … Thai food is expensive where I live but it is so good.

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