dinner @ Zaab Northeastern Thai Cuisine

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Located at 908 Clement Street in San Francisco, CA

Zaab is a new Thai restaurant in the Richmond district.

While there are many Thai places already in this City, their food instantly distinguishes them from the mediocre.

We tried two dinners there…

Dinner 1 (We asked for extra spicy):

  • Pad Thai (Pan fried rice noodles with tofu, egg, garlic, onion, bean sprouts, dry shrimp and peanuts sprinkled on top)  Pad Thai is one of Thailand’s national dishes.
  • Pad Gra Prow (Chicken sauteed with fresh chili, garlic, onion, bell peppers, basil, and green beans) Some places serve their chicken gra prow with chopped chicken, but this place they served it sliced. While I tend to prefer chopped for this dish, I love, love, love the spicy sauce.
  • Moo Yang (Grilled marinated pork with special garlic sauce served with sweet & sour sauce)  Oh wow, the garlic sauce is amazing!!! And I just realized we ate a lot of garlic that night. Mmm…must have amazing breath! Lol.

Dinner 2:

  • Tom Yum Goong (Hot and sour prawns soup in clear broth, tomatoes, lemongrass, mushroom, kaffir lime leaves and galanga. You can opt to have the coconut milk broth instead of clear broth, but we thought the clear broth is healthier.)
  • Gai Yang (Half chicken with thai spicy and herbs and served with sweet and sour sauce and along with that lovely spicy garlic sauce we love.) YUM!
  • Brown rice
  • Thai iced tea with lemonade (Thai iced tea without cream but mixed in with lemonade…perfect for summer)

And pictures of the food below:

4 responses to “dinner @ Zaab Northeastern Thai Cuisine

  1. Yum, yum, and yum. Can’t wait to go back to SF so I can eat at all your faves. Yum!

  2. Just wondering if you noticed if there was much for vegetarians on their menu….got some veggie friends coming into town and was thinking Zaab or Mandalay out in the Richmond…whatcha think? Ever since I read about Mandalay on Cali I’ve been dying to try it. Burma Super Star is always way too busy. Any ideas you could throw my way would rock!

    • Yes, there are some vegetarian dishes on their menu. I have their to-go menu, so here are a few that may work:
      1. Spicy Tofu (Deep fried tofu with chili, garlic sauce and basil)
      2. Corn Cake
      3. Fried Sweet Potatoes
      Papaya Salads
      1. Som Tum Thai (green papaya, green beans, tomatoes, ground peanut w/ spicy sauce) Just make sure they don’t add “poo” to it…I just learn that “poo” in thai means “crab”. Ha ha.
      Noodles and Fried Rice
      I think they can make any noodles and Fried Rice on their menu vegetarian.

      I also think Mandalay is a good choice as well. Have fun! 🙂

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