lunch @ aux Delices

aux delices

G and I wanted to eat lunch at aux Delices because we have not been there for a while.  So we made it a point to come to this lovely restaurant one recent weekend after meeting up.  This restaurant has been in the Russian Hill neighborhood for a long time, and serves French-Vietnamese food.  Unlike other Vietnamese restaurant counterparts (mostly Pho noodle places), they made it a point to decorate their restaurant.  White tablecloth, roomier and classier decorations, etc.

aux Delices | 2327 Polk Street | San Francisco, CA
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What we had on this visit:

  • Beef satay noodles (Beef sautéed in curry spicy sauce poured over thin egg noodles & sprinkled w/ peanuts)
  • Ga Hung Que (Basil chicken sautéed with bell peppers
    & onions in a spicy sauce)
  • Vietnamese Iced Coffee

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