Excuse me, do you happen to have some Sizzling Quack?

Or how about some Sizzling Fog in Clay Pot?

I love dining out because I never know what I will end up eating?  Once G and I went to this place that serves Hot Chili Crap as their specialty! Mmmm…

I am not even sure how one can make the Fog sizzle or how they can put it in a clay pot, but that sounds magical!  And the Sizzling Quack Clay Pot dish… am sure it’s Quack-licious!

I once told my friend that it’s a good thing I can read some basic Chinese when dining out, but my friend surprised me by replying that she too can read Chinese on a Chinese menu.

Yes folks, the menu has English printed on it. D’uh! LOL.

On the Sizzling Fog dish, I believe that it should actually read Sizzling Frog but I guess they forgot the “R”.  I don’t know how to read the Sizzling Quack item except that it must be fowl-related?

I won’t be surprised if it isn’t though.  I asked the waitress about another dish we ordered and she said it has jelly fish in it, and the jelly fish dish turned out to be…



2 responses to “Excuse me, do you happen to have some Sizzling Quack?

    • I asked around and the sizzling quack is actually sizzling quail. The hot chili crap is actually crab and that was from another restaurant. Lol. Thanks for reading my blog…

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