pre-sunset cruise snack @ Boudin Bakery Fishermen’s Wharf

A few weeks ago, I got an invite from Groupon to attend their sunset cruise.  Since I have never been on a sunset cruise in San Francisco (I have done a couple of sunset cruises in other cities), I jumped at the chance to do so in my home city.  Yay!  After much anticipation for about two weeks, G and I arrived at the port-of-call this past Friday, and waited for our turn to board the Red and White Fleet.

my half of the turkey & harvarti cheese sandwich at Boudin

But before that, we both decided to venture over to Boudin Bakery to eat our pre-boarding snack.  Given that both of us met up directly after work, we were very hungry.  And not knowing exactly what Groupon will feed us (the invitation mentioned snacks and drinks, but we don’t know exactly what), we decided that we should eat something before boarding, and then have a proper dinner after.

This bakery is the showroom of all San Francisco Boudin Bakeries.  Not only do they bake their world-famous sourdough bread here, they also have a restaurant upstairs.  We tried their restaurant when they first opened years ago, but on this visit, we were too time-crunched to eat there, so we shared a Turkey & Havarti Cheese sandwich instead.  Yum!

Because the eating area for the bakery is located outside, they have an outdoor fireplace.  (Tip: Do try to sit near it because it was very cold even with the help of surrounding heat lamps.)  Another typical San Francisco summer dining adventure at:

Boudin at the Wharf | 160 Jefferson Street | San Francisco, CA
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