what i made for lunch recently… (pork chops & brussels sprouts)

pan-seared pork chops

I am the first one to tell anyone that I am not a good cook. I guess I do alright, but I don’t make anything fancy.

And while I love to eat and dissect ingredients by tasting, I don’t usually practice the art of cooking at home.

Inspired by the many wonderful food blogs I have read lately, I attempted to cook something to bring to work.

pan-seared brussels sprouts

Since I don’t usually like following directions, I didn’t use a cookbook, so this is just my approximation of what went into the pan.  Caveat emptor.  😉

(by the way, i was going to use pancetta but i didn’t have any… hah, i did have 2 thinly cut pork chops that needed to be consumed…so i made do. tee hee.)

pork chop with brussels sprouts in "Frigoverre" glassware


  • 2 thinly cut pork chops, lightly seasoned with garlic salt (or with chopped garlic and actual sea salt, but watch to make sure you are not over seasoning), and marinate with wine (any kind that you actually will drink..I used a generous dash of Shiraz and a thin slice of ginger.)
  • brussels sprouts (as many as you can eat), washed, and cut into half
  • canola/olive oil


In a pan, drizzle oil (lightly) and put in pork chops.

Let pork chops sit and seared for 3 minutes each side in medium to high heat and continue cooking them until done.  You may want to reduce the heat after it’s done searing and add a bit more wine if the pan becomes too hot. (Watch for splatter…)

After pork chops are done, put them on a plate to rest.

In the same pan, light drizzle of oil, and toss in the brussels sprouts. Lightly seasoned with sea salt (I skipped this part as the pork chop is already salted) and then put on plate.  Whatever you do, don’t over cook the sprouts as they don’t taste good being too mushy.


That was my very humble “made-it-myself” lunch. Yay!

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    • thanks…i had a craving for brussels sprouts lately, but one can’t eat that alone. pork chops came in very handy-

  1. Nice job on the lunch! I love not having to follow recipes to a “T” and just winging it with what you have in the fridge.

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