Gott’s Roadside “Tray Gourmet”

Ferry Building | San Francisco

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Okay, let’s not talk about the food for a second.

Let’s talk about this diner, more specifically, the name.

So this location used to be Taylor’s Automatic Refresher (that’s an interesting name already), except now it’s not. It’s now call Gott’s Roadside “Tray Gourmet.”  Holy, who came up with that one? “Tray Gourmet”? what?

Well, it so happen that this place’s got some trademark lawsuit behind the name change and some family feud. Here’s a LINK to an article about this back in March.  Don’t know if it’s ongoing or they have since reached settlement, but still, it’s really interesting stuff.  The article’s not clear about whether the Gott’s brothers are related to the Taylor’s.  By the way, I am in no way doing any story or any scoop…obviously…it’s been 3 months old, so any good scoop will now be OLD scoop anyhow. LOL, so this is just added amusement for those of you who are interested in food but sometimes want a bit more background on places.  I hope the links work.

Now, let’s talk about the food…more specifically, the BURGER..yummo!

I think the burger’s gotten better since I last visited which was…some time ago I am sure.  Can’t even remember except I was shocked that the name of the place changed.  Actually, not really shock, just a slight jolt.  Could be the hunger pains though.

Their burger’s got this secret sauce on it that I am guessing it to be part mayo, part mustard sauce.  That’s my guess, but I may be totally off.  I tasted mustard seed for some strange reason.  Anyway, whatever it is, it’s AWESOME!  The burger sits on an egg bun. Not excited about that part because I am really more into whole wheat bun, but whatever, the bun tasted fine.

And of course, my eyes are always bigger than my stomach (although I am getting pretty darn fat for eating so much) and I ordered chili cheese fries.

Sorry, but it looked better than it tasted.  Not a fan of bean based chili and tasted way too salty.  Also, it doesn’t have that kick…  But then I don’t know much about chili.  I need to go to some chili cook-off or something to learn more one of these days, but I know what I like and what I don’t like.  And for now, I don’t like these fries.  So didn’t eat them.  I hear the garlic fries are good though.

One more thing, if you think this is a greasy spoon, you have gotten it all wrong.  Unless your local greasy spoon’s got beer and wine to go along with the shakes and more, you haven’t a clue.  This place’s owned by a winery, yet they can’t serve their own wine?  Hmm… Well, you can read the Cork Board blog LINK where CB interviewed Joel Gott back in March about these interesting tidbits.

If you have the chance to visit, try their BURGERS!