Hon’s Wun Tun House

648 Kearny Street | San Francisco, CA
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I love eating Wun Tun (aka wonton) noodle soups with lots of vinegar.  I mean a lot of vinegar, like almost half a bottle each time.  I cut back on the vinegar now that I am older, but I still go through bottles of them quite quickly.  And I love my egg noodles cooked al dente as I can’t stand soggy egg noodles.

Very few places I have been to offer vinegar and al dente egg noodles this good.  The food here is pure comfort food and in the same breath, the restaurant is pure dive.  So don’t expect too much.

Aside from wonton noodle soups, they serve another type of dumpling that is equally good or better (according to my friends), and they serve this Kai Lan (Chinese Brocoli) with oyster sauce that is really yummy too.

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  1. I love your blog because it is always so colorful and informative and I LOVE food. Keep up the awesome work! 🙂

    • It’s a taste thing I guess. I really like how egg noodles taste with vinegar. I don’t do that excessively anymore but it’s still good

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