Ton Yong Thai Cafe – CLOSED


Ton Yong Thai Cafe has Closed.

I ventured into Ton Yong Thai Cafe purely by accident.  After walking around aimlessly peering into restaurants only to realize that the “closed” sign was on because it was past 9, I had to make a fast decision.  Should I stay in the Chinatown area or should I go elsewhere?

There was one Chinese place down the street with a huge line out the door, or this quiet little Thai place that I have never noticed before…

Normally, I would venture toward the hype to see what’s up, but given I have already walked around a lot, I decided to try this place.

After reading the menu a bit, I opted for Guay Teaw Nuer Sub (Flat Noodles with beef, onion, carrot, curry, and other spices).  I don’t think I have ever eaten this before, so was pleasantly surprise. I don’t like that much sauce on my food, but this was good.  And very spicy.

After eating, I chatted with the owner about the authenticity of Thai food in the City, and also about the similarity and differences between Thai and Laotian food.  She claims that this food is not Nouveau Thai like the other places, and that this is authentic.  I believe her because it tasted like it is. A bit more earthy and spicier.  And not very fancy at all, but good.

Then she asked if I wanted dessert.

I was full, and really should have said, NO, but instead, my mouth said, “What do you have?”

Mango Sticky Rice or Fried Banana with Ice Cream.

Hmm…I think Mango Sticky Rice sounded more authentic, so let’s go with that.

Perfect juxtapose of warm, slightly salty sticky rice with toasted sesame seeds, and cold, refreshingly sweet (but not overly) ripe mango.


901 Kearny Street | San Francisco, CA