The Case of Mislabeled Food and Museum Visit

Place:  Asian Art Museum Cafe

Location: San Francisco, CA

Date:  One day last week

Time: 13:05 hours

Assignment: Checking out the Shanghai Exhibit

He he…okay, not to be totally dramatic about this whole thing, but I do hate it when I order a chocolate muffin and instead got one that look like a chocolate muffin but tasted like…..carrot muffin??!!?? (And G confirmed that it was carrot…)

And when G ordered a pistachio coconut cake, it tasted like cream coconut panna cotta cake?


We loved the exhibit here (currently it’s SHANGHAI) and I felt like I learned a lot about Shanghai and her history.  I would love to visit one of these days (sigh).  You can be sure that if I do, I will blog about the food here. LOL.  Anyway, they have lots of events coming up as well at the museum.  Check their website if you do decide to go.  Here’s the LINK.

The area surrounding area can be a bit shady though, so be careful but City Hall, the Courts, and a couple of government buildings are all nearby, so maybe combine your visit if you go any and/or of these places.

Enjoy and Be well…

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