Mandalay Restaurant

4348 California Street | San Francisco, CA

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We love Southeast Asian food because of the blended flavoring inspired by many of the neighboring regions.  Burmese food is no exception. In fact, we love the flavorful and spicy food here because of the heavy influence from China, India, and Thailand.

We ordered the following for dinner.

  • Balada (aka Palada)
  • Pan Fried Okra Prawns
  • sautéed Spinach
  • Coconut Juice Drink

Two dishes to note:

Balada is a thin flour pancake inspired by India (almost like Nan) served with a curry ginger and other spices sauce. Very yummy.  The Chinese also have something similar that’s described as an onion pancake, but I think this version is more associated with the Indian due to the curry sauce. Very yummy!

The Okra Prawns dish was a delightful surprise because it’s cooked with shrimp paste.Very flavorful and good.